Unlocking the informal sector on the digital highway

Our project

People in Africa are quickly adopting the smartphone to access everyday life services – food, health, transport, banking, insurance. But an explosion of apps is making it increasingly hard to find the e-services they are looking for.

GreenLeenx’ groundbreaking e-marketspace helps overwhelmed consumers find their way. Combining a super-platform and a super-app, we are taking the mobile economy to the next level by giving easy, high-quality and low-cost access to all the e-services that people need:

  • All app-based e-payment systems – card-based, bank transfer, e-wallets – and app-based day-to-day e-services – entertainment, transport, food, health, education, commerce, insurance, taxes – at the lowest cost.
  • Smart devices (cards and phones) using an appropriate marketing strategy providing users with an opportunity to acquire the set through an affordable system of payment installments.

Our technical setup is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) combining a multi-source cloud computing system and a multi-service delivery system.