Unique bussiness opportunity for bright African future

Our plan

Our goal is to provide high-quality and cheap e-services to middle-class and low-income earners and small businesses, and to facilitate their access to user-friendly and quality low-cost e-devices.

GreenLeenx will be launching two scalable e-marketspaces in Gauteng, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria by 2026, targeting yearly revenues of USD 32 million in a market worth USD 3.2 billion.

Our e-marketspaces will be suitable digital spaces providing full connectivity and interoperability for all our individual and business customers.

We foresee a quick expansion of our business model across the continent aiming for a market share of USD 24 billion in the medium-term, close to 5% of Africa’s mobile money transactions.

Before launching in Gauteng and Lagos, our funding strategy includes a pre-seed funding and a seed funding round to finance preparations.