About us

Putting people at the heart of development

At GreenLeenx, we believe that Africa’s future lies in the informal sector. With digital technology, we want to empower people who were never connected before.

Our ambition is to pioneer day-to-day life e-services in Africa. This is a unique and exciting business opportunity for a bright African future.

04 May 2012, Mbabane, Swaziland - FAO Chief Technical Advisor for the FAO Representation Office in Swaziland Nehru Essomba in his office.

Nehru Essomba is GreenLeenx’s co-founder and project designer. He is a senior project development manager with over twenty-five years of experience, and has worked in senior United Nation’s positions focusing on the informal sector in sub-Saharan Africa.

Maarten Roest, shareholder and communications director of GreenLeenx, has over twenty years of international experience in working across large, multidisciplinary and multicultural teams on the delivery of complex and time critical communication projects.

We would like to team up with angel investors and technical partners willing to own and mentor the GreenLeenx idea, contribute their networks, and lead our resource mobilization efforts and the development of the GreenLeenx project.